Happy New Year!

Some go on crazy diets or crazy work out regimens at the beginning of a new year. I do not believe in all of that. I think that one should always eat healthy and work out throughout the year. Hahahaha we all know that doesn’t happen!!!! 

 In my month absence I have traveled, gained a few (lbs) and lost a few (lbs). Just this week I have started eating salads. I am one to do weekly meal plans. I try to work with what I have on hand which also helps with the grocery budget. This time around I incorporated salad to almost every dinner.I bought a big container two days ago and it’s almost gone 😳 

 Hubby loves sloppy joes 😖 so, I made a healthier version with zucchini, green pepper, onion, and spices. It still has some ketchup and mustard,  but it could be worse. I love meat, but can really do without bread. So, here is what I had for dinner tonight. 



It’s been a very busy couple weeks. Haven’t done much cooking, meals have been easy quick ones and been eating out more than we probably should ) : 

I haven’t been eating strictly paleo at all, but still been trying to eat healthy.

 Breakfast during the week is still eggs with spinach and tomato! That’s one thing that has stuck 🏆

 Here is some tomato soup and spinach salad. I crumbled some sharp cheddar cheese in the soup because I was good and skipped the grilled cheese that I made Chris, but felt I needed a treat 🙃

I also sautéed some veggies to put on top of my eggs in the morning to add a little variety.

Tis the season 🎄



It was very hard to eat clean and no sweets over the past few days. I will say, I failed miserably. Even tonight, we made hamburgers. I’ve definitely been treating myself. I think on Monday once I go back to work I will get back to eating better. I tend to eat better during the week when my days are scheduled with work. Here is the hamburger. I loaded it with spring mix, grilled onion and jalepeno and tomato. So really the only thing bad was the bread.

Sunday grillin’

My husband I call me the Grill Master. I can start the fire, and grill the food to perfection (well, almost. Nobody is perfect after all). I grilled some chicken with BBQ sauce, zucchini and onions, and jalepeno cheddar sausage. It was chaotic while grilling as I threw Roscoe’s (dog) frisbee on the roof while playing. So I had a spazzy dog and sizzling food!!

Dinner tonight was one sliced sausage on top of some zucchini and onion.

Mexican food

Crock pot meals are the best for Sunday meals. This morning I rubbed a brisket with cumin, paprika, chili powder, cayenne pepper and thyme. Popped it in the crockpot along with some chopped habanero, onion and pablano pepper. Cooked it on low for about 6 hours. Made a salad for me, and tacos for hubby. 


❤️ food 

It was a busy week!! Every morning for breakfast I cooked an egg with chopped tomato and spinach. I hit the snooze button a lot (well don’t we all?) so this breakfast is super easy to crack the egg, chop tomato, quickly tear spinach (this is good therapy, as I do it and think “grrrrr why did I hit snooze so much”). Set the heat to low and let it cook. I had an avacado and a little bit of ground beef so I topped it off with that. 

Made peppered steak tonight for dinner. I used skirt steak. Sliced it real thin then let it set with pepper and soy sauce. Along with some fresh peppers and onions, it looks delish (haven’t eaten yet).  Also, some cilantro for some spice. 


No more smoothies 

Yesterday breakfast was a smoothie. Banana, mixed berries, avacado, spinach and flax. No picture to share, but there is a story to tell. 🤓 I always have my breakfast at my desk when I get to work. While I was drinking my smoothie, I noticed there were some chunks that hadn’t been completely blended. But whatever, it was a Monday and I was busy so didn’t pay much attention. That is until I’m 3/4 of the way done and I look in it and the plastic ring from my smoothie maker had fallen off and became an ingredient in my smoothie 😭 Needless to say, I had some plastic for breakfast yesterday. Which I’m sure isn’t fresh and non processed 🤒

The ranch

Today was an impromptu visit to the Vaught ranch. We brought Roscoe (dog) so it was lots of fun. I was given the task of making dinner!! 😀    I did not do any planning, nor go shopping. So, I was really challenged to use what was in the kitchen. Here is what I made. Appetizer was bruschetta. Dinner was caesar salad with homemade croutons, asparagus with bacon and grilled onion, heart attack mashed potatoes, grilled lemon pepper chicken, sausage and spice rubbed steak. Everything turned out great except the steak was a little tough because I wasn’t sure what kind of cut of steak I was working with. But it was a great time.